Move Over 2012, It’s Time For 2013!

In 2012, I…


Discovered and explored the SF Silicon Valley startup scene.

Got involved with Startup Grind.

Expanded my network by a lot.

Drank a lot.

Met some really really awesome people.

Helped some people with their career.

Use  Quora a lot.

Worked at 500 Startups.

Drank some more.

Quora some more.

Started this blog.

Watched a lot of cat videos.

Be broke all the time.

Acquired a lot of knowledge about startups.

Had my name mentioned on PandoDaily.

Had a cameo eating a hamburger on the Bravo Silicon Valley reality TV show.

Watched more cat videos.

Quora some more.

Bought a trampoline for my room.

Dropped out of my masters program.

Talked about making a rap video.


In 2013, I will…


Lose 15 lbs, & keep it off.

Learn to code. (Ruby on rails)

Blog more.

Be less broke.

Strengthen relationships with some of the awesome people I met in 2012.

Go to Burning Man.

Go to SXSW.

Learn to parallel park well.

Actually make a rap video.

Give that trampoline some love. (20 min 4/7 days)

Install a hammock in my room.

Enjoy more live music.

Travel more.

Move out of California, maybe.


I started out 2013 with trying to drunk crash a new years eve party. Turned out to be a family party with 8 year olds dancing in the living room. I also successfully parallel parked by myself on the street (it was a really big spot). I think it’s safe to say 2012 was pretty cool but I anticipate 2013  to be amazing. #YOLO.