Fail #1: Went to Bay to Breakers and got wasted on 2 beers because I have such excellent tolerance. Decided it was a good idea to toss my phone and ended up with a broken Android. I spent a whole week looking like an idiot walking around in public making phone calls with my giant laptop.

Fail #2: Locked my car keys in my car with 10 pizzas inside.

Pro-tip: To host a successful event, don’t lock your car keys inside your car with 10 Costco pizza.


Dave McClure is coming to Startup Grind!

Sorry I’ve heard the news from Derek for a while now but couldn’t say anything until we finalized the date. Anyway, I’m super stoked that Dave McClure will be coming to speak at Startup Grind on August 1st, 2012! Everyone in the startup community knows his name, but do we all know how he became the Dave McClure we know today? How did he get started on his career? What was it like in the beginning at 500 Startups? We’ll find out soon. Dave F*cking McClure will tell us himself and it will be epic. You can reserve your ticket here. Mission 500 cookies was a success!

On a completely different note. I started watching Game of Thrones and is now super addicted. This picture’s funny.

Dave Mcclure (500 Startups), Naval Ravikant (Angellist), & George Zachary (Charles River Ventures) talks startup funding. Great video to watch to get a glimpse into the mind of investors. This was hands down one of the best events I went to.

Investors Talks Funding Startups