Personal favorites

Startup Grind : Talk show interview style event. Imagine those late night talk show but for entrepreneurs and startup loving people. It’s like a live version of Jessica Livingston’s book, Founders at Work. Startup Grind stands out to me because you get to see more of a personal side to the  featured guest. You get a glimpse of the journey and how they got there. Hear their advice, what they’ve learned, the people involved in helping them create their company. I’ve always had a good time at Startup Grind. Derek’s a great interviewer and there’s pizza and stuff. Definitely worth checking out!

– Orrick Total Access: I only went to one but it was one of the best networking experience I had. It was worth waking up at 6:30am and driving down Menlo Park to attend. Granted there the speakers headlining were Jeff Clavier and Dave McClure (who ended up having to cancel), but I’ve been told by other people that the Orrick events are usually very good and informational.


7 thoughts on “Events

  1. Hello Vi!

    Thanks a bundle for publishing this calendar! I’ve subscribed and your list of events now shows up in RED on my cal. ^_^

    Our mutual friend John Boitnott recommended that I check this out, and I’m so very glad he did. How many of these events do you actually go to?

  2. Hi Vi,

    I just came to the Bay Area and your calendar is helping me a lot in finding interesting events that I can attend. Thanks so much and hope I can have a chance to meetup and talk to you someday.

    Best regards,

    Ryan Dao

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