1. Startup Genome
  2. Mark Suster – Both Side of the Table
  3. Nick O’neill – Nick Oneill
  4. Mark Birch – Strong Opinions
  5. Jason Freedman – HumbledMBA
  6. Brad Feld – Feld Thoughts
  7. Blake Masters – Notes from Peter Thiel’s CS183 Class
  8. Sean Ellis – Startup Marketing


  1. Jessica Livingston – Founders at work
  2. Feld & Mendelson – Venture Deals
  3. Eric Ries – The Lean Startup
  4. Keith Ferrazi – Never Eat Alone
  5. Guy Kawasaki – Art of the Start

Articles and stuff

On startup marketing and growth hacking.

On finding a technical co-founder:

  2. Earning one.
  3. Quora’s answer on finding good tech co-founders.

On finding a business co-founder:


On finding a designer:

  1. General info on design:
  2. Stanford’s design crashcourse:
  4. Quora’s answers on how to tell if a designer is good:

On accelerator programs:

  2. An answer on Quora regarding a list of accelerators and seed programs.

On legal and finance stuff:

  1. Links to other blogs:

On raising money:

  1. Stuff to avoid:
  2. Troubles with non-investors:
  3. Should you take the money?
  4. When is good time?
  5. What do investors look for?
  6. Know this in preparation:

On hiring:

  1. Hiring on sweat and equity:
  2. Why it’s hard to hire:
  3. Building a stellar team:

Startup mistakes & startup failure:

  1. Common mistakes:
  2. Read Evan Reas’ answer on most common startup mistakes:

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